Friday, September 22, 2006


well here it is, another friday, another weekend coming up, worked on my garage last night reset about 6 rows of siding on the rear, till got too dark to see, talked for a while with my hot 30 year old back yard neighbor, sorry other team guys, all this while wife and adult child sat inside watching tv, ya think they could have come out and said, hey, can i help, but noooooooo, so hope you all have a great weekend, and don't forget, open invite, cleveland ohio, for anyof you that are good with a power washer and paint sprayer, maybe i could even get the wife to cook for us, course explaining where i met all ya would be interesting. talked with good buddy jim the persian guy last night for a bit, what an awesome guy he is, so chat on all ya later


The Persian said...

It was great talking to you as well. Tell us more about this hot neighbor!


Rian said...

Hey Dave, I didn't know you've started your own blog, but I've followed Jim's signpost and also read the previous entries.
I've realized that your situation is a little bit like mine. I'm still living together with my ex-boyfriend (he has dumped me 2 years ago) and I know this "living together but being alone" so well, although I came out about 10 years ago and I'm as out as can be...
I hope your having a great weekend!

Spider said...

Hey Dave in Cleveland! Got here from the persian... enjoyed your blog and I will be back! Have a great weekend and keep up the back fence conversations - they are the best kind!

daveincleveland said...

yeah kinda like the old yellow pages commercials, "reach out and touch" this one i would touch and throw down on the ground.......damn....smokin, likes to mow the grass with no shirt on, ...thanks for visitng

Will said...

Dave, I found you through Jim's blog and have read all your entries. Where you are now I was two and a half decades ago, except I hadn't completely put together who I really was. She was running around with other men and abusing our daughters. Once she was gone and I had custody I was able to put all sorts of things together and entered the happiest period of my life.

55 is NOT too old. I found the love of my life at 52. My now adult daughters adore him. May I give a piece of advice? Once that garage is done, stop hanging around the house watching TV and waiting for one of them to speak to you. Find the local gay paper, check out the Cleveland-area gay social groups and events.

I hope you have what we have here in Boston--gay book groups, gay contradancing, gay hiking and kayaking, gay fathers support groups, gay cooking, etc, etc. These are all great ways to meet real guys of all ages in a non-meat rack situation. Two of our friends just got together at ages 62 and 57. They're much in love, have great sex and are looking at the future with enthusiasm.

Hugs and all my best wishes go to you.