Tuesday, July 24, 2007

its another tuesday

hey guys haven't posted in a bit, and realized after reading my last post i really lead a very boring life, i have nothing new to share,report,bitch about or anything else. i did come home the other day and my beautiful rainbow flag was replaced by, a pansy flag, thinks she's telling me something. the last 2 weekends was spent with her family all day saturday and sunday for various activities such as graduation party,neices first birthday and last saturday her anual family reunion..good food,stressed time, not knowing who knows and who doesn't, but not really caring who does and who doesn't at this point.
its raining here this morning and feels so good and just smells so good..........well thats it for now, nothing new, nothing gay to report...dammit
have a great day guys


Lewis said...

Rain and cool weather is just great with me.....in fact, we've had a week of it...in the middle of July. And I'm not complaining!

daveincleveland said...

kinda nice cause you can just cuddle up and snuggle with someone ......ahhhhhhhh life could be good

manxxman said...

Sounds like your life is like any normal life. Your new life is yet to come......but you'll find that too is a lot like the old one, with one exception......that you hid who you really are less and less and also began to care less and less if "someone" should know

Stephen said...

Could I tell you something about boring. The last few weeks have just about done me in, but I guess that is life.

Sh@ney said...

Dave, Just to comment on your comment...hehe
Dont be so hard on yourself for living untrue to yourself for so many years, although I never slept with the same sex while I had girlfriends, I did hide from who I was & had the same feelings just as you did, throughout your marriage. But your right, cheating is cheating no matter who it is with. But you are beyond that now & you should be proud...It has been a long road friend, now it is time to stop, relax & enjoy yourself....xox

Brent said...

Boring is good, who needs conflict, ugh!!

I recently visited with family, and the one thing I finally realized, everyone is uncomfortable with the pink elephant in the room, so most won't confront you about it.