Tuesday, September 18, 2007

it freekin hurts

ok , now enough is enough, still battling this stupid bronchitis shit, now the flare up in the foot apparently may be something called, gout, omg, old man syndrome coming through......they want me to get a complete blood work up and have my uric acid levels checked....so ...here is this about 1/2 way out of the closet guy, thinks he's still kinda got it, hacking and coughing.....limping....whining and complaining.....omg what a freekin catch i am.........up for grabs here anyone interested?????????????


Lyndon said...

I had the gout once in one of my toes. Bad news, it hurts like Hell. Good news, with meds and then with diet change it's not only curable but can be prevented from coming back. If you have it the blood tests will so it. And if you do have it, listen to your doctor when he talks about diet !!! Good luck !!

publius100 said...

Gout is something you cannot ignore. My brother-in-law did, and now at 45 the ureaic crystals have dissolved the bones in his feet so that only the muscles and the crystals are holding them together. He still drinks, does coffee, eats red meat. He is essentially disabled. Just wouldn't listen to the doctor.