Saturday, September 12, 2009

health issues

fall appears to be upon us here in cleveland ohio...leaves are already starting to fall, temps are cooling,beautiful fall day here....sunny mid 70's but is getting dark by 8 now
went to a new dr this week...have been having leg problems for about a year now..swelling and lots of aching and pain.....probable cause is that i don't sleep well, havn't slept in bed in months as i fall asleep on couch and then wake up 2-3 in am and am up for the day.
new dr seems concerned about leg/health issues but more concerned with overall well being issues..still have guilt on the divorce, the reasons for divorce and how i destroyed the ex emotionally, son is still giving me problems with money....yeah the ass just keeps on crying and new dr prescribed some type of anti-depressant...not sure about this have heard lots of pros and cons...but we shall see..will get filled tommarow and start and see what with all this sunny news..thats all for now from sunny cleveland


Geoff said...

When it rains it pours, I know the feeling. However even as a first time reader of your blog I can tell you have the fortitude and courage to make it through and if a stranger can tell must be obvious to everyone who knows you. Big hug from Denver!

manxxman said...

Ya know the son needs to grow a "pair" and get on with his life. It was fine when he was in high school to lean on you, but it's not healthy to feel like you need to continually support him.

As for the anti-depressent I think that they will probably be helpful. Oh they can screw with your libido but there's celais for that.

Creative Thinker said...

Hey remember me??? Long time no hear... Give me a call if you still have my number or email me at and I will give it to you there?? How in the world have you been???

Anthony said...

Hey there,

Hope you are keeping better since your post.