Tuesday, July 20, 2010

not the one

hi all how has the summer been treating you all

it turns out that he was not necessarly the one....things pretty much had to be his way, at his place, with me toting the dogs to his house with their cages so they could be caged pretty much the whole time i was there...now my boys are a bit rambuctious, but there are good dogs, spoiled rotten, but good, and the fact that they are in cages while i am right there with them kinda irked me, so after the 4th weekend i needed some time to think, havn't called him nor has he called me so i guess he kinda feels the same way
oh well, was not quite sure he was the one anyways..was a good 40 minute hike every time i wanted to see him and was going 2-3 times a week..which would mean late night getting home on work nights
so to all my blog buddies that are left, i have been lurking, but not posting much...i hope you are all still good


Bear Me Out said...

Hey, buddy. Glad to hear from you! But sad news. I've not even gotten close to a two or three, let alone a "one".

But I'm glad you're OK.

Beartoast said...

You know I'm still here. Hope you're OK