Tuesday, February 02, 2016

A new year...5 years later

Hi all.....

Just wondering if any of you are still out there...been years since I have written anything...guess just haven't had anything to say...Still here...Still struggling 7 years later trying to find my way,still dealing with my son and his problems...Hoping to finally get him out of my house and then I can perhaps start finally living the life I gave up 31 years of marriage for.
Hope all is well with all of you

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

not the one

hi all how has the summer been treating you all

it turns out that he was not necessarly the one....things pretty much had to be his way, at his place, with me toting the dogs to his house with their cages so they could be caged pretty much the whole time i was there...now my boys are a bit rambuctious, but there are good dogs, spoiled rotten, but good, and the fact that they are in cages while i am right there with them kinda irked me, so after the 4th weekend i needed some time to think, havn't called him nor has he called me so i guess he kinda feels the same way
oh well, was not quite sure he was the one anyways..was a good 40 minute hike every time i wanted to see him and was going 2-3 times a week..which would mean late night getting home on work nights
so to all my blog buddies that are left, i have been lurking, but not posting much...i hope you are all still good

Thursday, March 11, 2010

the one

the one, the one i will spend the rest of my life with has quietly snuck up on me and blew my socks off....i don't even know if anyone reads this anymore but i have fallen deeply in love with an incredible hot handsome man that i will marry and spend the rest of my life with
i cannot even begin to explain the depths that i feel right now, the passion, the love like i have never felt in my life.....and i loved my wife....but this. whew, this guy just came out of nowhere and landed in my lap like a gift from God
for that i am eternally grateful, and i thank all of you for putting up with sad ol dave for all these years....i smile,laugh, constantly hear birds singing, cannot wait to see him and life is so incredible right now i cannot even tell you

Thursday, December 24, 2009


just simply MERRY CHRISTMAS to anyone out there that still reads this.....i am alive and well, and struggling through life and the economy like many of us
i hope all our dreams and wishes come true for this joyous holiday season and will promise to post more in 2010
again MERRY CHRISTMAS to all my blogger buddies

Saturday, September 12, 2009

health issues

fall appears to be upon us here in cleveland ohio...leaves are already starting to fall, temps are cooling,beautiful fall day here....sunny mid 70's but is getting dark by 8 now
went to a new dr this week...have been having leg problems for about a year now..swelling and lots of aching and pain.....probable cause is that i don't sleep well, havn't slept in bed in months as i fall asleep on couch and then wake up 2-3 in am and am up for the day.
new dr seems concerned about leg/health issues but more concerned with overall well being issues..still have guilt on the divorce, the reasons for divorce and how i destroyed the ex emotionally, son is still giving me problems with money....yeah the ass just keeps on crying and moaning....so new dr prescribed some type of anti-depressant...not sure about this have heard lots of pros and cons...but we shall see..will get filled tommarow and start and see what happens...so with all this sunny news..thats all for now from sunny cleveland

Thursday, August 20, 2009

well i'm still here

hi boys in blogland

well still here,still breathing,bankruptcy done,foreclosure done, life goes on, have met some great people over summer...no torrid romance though.....the man i thought i fell for head over heals has turned out to be really messed up,as my friend out west has soooooooo predicted way back in march....i do miss my friend,have not talked to him in quiet a while...hope he is well, work is still work, being a gm dealership we were very close to being shut down, but we made the cut, now we will see how we do without pontiac as our inventory levels of that brand dwindle down to nothing..which leaves us with just buick and gmc truck......not much else to talk about..still hoping for my white knight......i know he is out there and will be riding up soon
on a positive note i have started working out again and have lost about 12 pounds of old man fat..feeling kinda good actually...started eating right again and getting outside that damn door...went on a actual date the other night...movie,dinner then drinks...was fun.....oh well boys hope all is well with all of you...promise promise i will start to post more.....
love you guys and have been thinking about all of you much and have been checking in on you regularly

Sunday, May 10, 2009


well the love of my life didn't work out, he was in a terribly abusive relationship for about 2 years to the point where he was hit by this guy and is so gunshy of anytype of relationship that seems like he is shutting himself off to the world, so here i am alone, with one good good friend i can always count on out west..he is always there for me,even though he has his own problems to eal with and always has time for me and always always the best advice...he is my lifeline right now...been dreaming alot of my past lately, the house, about times while we were all still living there as a family, woke up this am and the dream was so very real wasn't sure where i was at when i woke up...much sadness these last few days and i don't know why..have not been able to talk to anyone.....have not even left the house today....just very hard to even walk out the door...not sure whats ahead, sadness at what i left behind....its hard to even move