Monday, September 25, 2006

its another monday

well here it is monday after yet another weekend of doing nothing, other than yard work and working on that damn garage....nothing as good to report as my friend over at bigg, but i am putting a post together about my kids, my lifes' story and so forth.... was happy to see on the new series brothers and sisters that there is a gay guy in the picture......its about time we all become mainstream and will chat on you all later, have a great day to all my friends here


The Persian said...

Can't wait for that post about your family! Hope you are doing ok buddy.


Bigg said...

Hope youre week is looking up. I've been thinking about you lately.

Chox said...

I have experience with working on crappy Cleveland garages. The only way to solve your garage woes, I've found, is to just tear the damn thing down and have Sears put up a new one.

Seriously. Head over to Richmond Mall. Pronto. :-)