Wednesday, January 31, 2007

life just won't quit

so to many of you who have been reading this poor excuse for a blog realize that i am not the greatest at updating, but here is the latest......this weekend wife is going out of town and would love nothing more than to go out and do something really fun, but will probably stay home with the dog and watch csi, alias,or something like that, anyone got any ideas what i can do for fun in a cold cleveland town.........boy child, who has had a warrant out for his arrest since june, got picked up last saturday and now have the unpleasant task of packing up his apartment i just signed lease for and figure out where to put all his stuff, he probably will be gone for a while...i ma thinking 6 months to a year.........damn the shit just don't stop does it........well, thats about it for now..if anyone can think of something fun to do e mail me ..........
later fellow bloggers and promise i will start updating more frequently

1 comment:

Wayne said...

I'd suggest going out and tying one on!
But I live in Michigan.
Grab a buddy and go have some fun!