Friday, January 05, 2007

its another year

sooooo good friends in the world of blogging, the holidays have past and its start of another year, not much unpleasant has been happening, been rather quiet in the house and calm, actually had a great christmas with family......hope the new year continues with the same amount of peace that is present now, does not change who or what i am, and hope that she knows that, but there is no reason to have the large amount of anger that has been present for a long while now....hope all of your holidays were great..will try to post more often......been too long


Wayne said...

Hi Dave, so good to hear from you.
Glad you made it thru the holidays.
I have a friend who's in your situation. If you'd like to talk with him let me know. It might help.

Stephen said...

My friend, I hope you find peace and happiness in this New Year. Sometimes in life we begin a journey, in the beginning, not realizing we boarded the wrong train until it was too late. The journey we now travel is not so easily abandoned for one reason or another. Lord knows, we all have our own reasons. But my wish for you this year is that you will allow yourself to enjoy some of the train stops along the way. ((((HUGS))))

The Persian said...

Hey buddy, how's that laptop working for ya? I am soooo happy to see you commenting again. You are (as usual) lacking in the posting department however.