Saturday, March 31, 2007

almost april........WOW

wow......almost april.........damn i suck at this updating shit.......anyways, my son is still in jail, since jan 27,we have a new court date of friday the 13th, that sucks, hoping to get him out and back into life, he swears he has seen the light and will start living life properly, so, that means i have to come up with another months rent for his apt, hopefully he will find a job right away as he lost his when got arrested, and life goes on and on and on, the wedding ring came off 3 weeks ago, after noticing that hers was not on, have to admit its a pretty liberating feeling to have it off, one more step to being totally true to who i finally have discovered i am.......i am loving this.
she did inform me last night that her and my daughter are going on vacation in june, hmmmmmm, without think i will plan a little vacation by myself this year........not sure where i will go, but going to go somewhere, anyone outthere want to put me up for a week?
have started working out again and getting back into shape for the coming summer.....i will go to my first pride in cleveland this year, just to see what its all about
thanks for reading my blog guys and the support
love ya all


Tom said...

Funny thing about rings, when I took mine off (after 20 years) I thought I was going to have to get out the bolt cutters and swore to never wear another on that finger... Less than 2 years later I am proud of the NEW ring I/we wear (his and his bands) and I never take it off... We don't need the piece of paper to acknowledge our commitment... We have each other and the rings on our fingers!

Stephen said...

Adjustments take time, the removal of rings especially. Just remember, keep putting one foot in front of the other and one day, it just might lead you to where you want to be.

PS. In the future, when I get down, feel free to remind me of these words. (((hugs)))