Wednesday, April 11, 2007


this has been a long road for me and am finally coming to terms with my gayness and embracing it as realizing that this is who i am, this is what makes up what i am, this is me down to my very soul........and while some people may get hurt along the way, i finally have to come to terms that my former life is gone,done, i have 2 wonderful children, and many memories of life with my wife, but it cannot be anymore and i am SO very excited to see what will come around the bend next.....i shared something with journeyman this morning, and i wanted to post it in my blog as well, i have a joel osteen calender on my desk that i look at each morning when i come into work, this is what yesterdays said

"if you are going to enjoy your life to the full, you must learn to be confident as the individual God made you to be. Understand this:you were not created to mimic somebody else,you were created to be you, when you go around copying and trying to be like somebody else, not only does it demean you, it steals your diversity, your creativity, and your uniqueness."

just think if we all follow that what would we be experiencing that we are missing now
love to all you


Bigg said...

It's all about acceptance, all right. Self acceptance.
I am keeping my fingers crossed for you and your son -- his court date is Friday, isn't it?

daveincleveland said...

yep, friday the 13th dude...get to spend it in court and setting there with his mother.....good times to be had by all.:)

Tom said...

We choose our own paths in life... I have no regrets but I have to tell you, coming out to the world was one of the most enlightening and de-stressing events to ever happen to me.

Yes, there will be some people you consider friends, that will not accept you, but that is their problem, not your's...

Be yourself, be true, be gay!!