Tuesday, May 15, 2007

getting on with life

so lately i am having the realization that i can never start life over as totally gay man here is beautiful cleveland, have been thinking maybe its time to relocate, which will finalize things here and with wife and so forth, kinda of looking at arizona area, have been to scottsdale many moons ago and really liked it then, was wondering from any of you guys what its like out there for a totally out gay man.
things just can't go on here much longer like they have been, because i am so unhappy right now i have been a total shit to her, which hurts me, but i just don't want to be there any more, i need to get on with life, very lonely, very very lonely, but financially don't think anything can happen, which puts me in more of a funk, God i hate being depressed, there is so much to live for and i just want to capture some of that while i still have some time left
all for now guys
over and out from sunny cleveland


Brent said...

I'm not "totally out", but from what I see the gay community here is pretty good. Quite a number of activities etc. Not too far from California and the coast. One word of caution, it does get freaking hot here in the summer.

daveincleveland said...

thats ok, cause i like it hot.....:)

Wayne said...

They've got some good drugs for depression! What happened to the gay group you were joining?
They must have quite a gay scene in Cleveland don't they?

jimmycity said...

Have you considered Texas? Austin is a wonderfully gay-friendly city!
C'mon down!

Stephen said...

Take it from someone who knows all too well. There will days when the walls close in, the sun will refuse to shine, no hope in sight, but don't give up. There will be a tomorrow, I promise.