Wednesday, May 02, 2007

my favorite idol

just a quick note, nothing new in depressing cleveland land, but last night, who watches american idol and is there anyone else here that thinks blake is just freekin hot????? plus new color and new cut.........damnnnnnnnn!
going out of town for weekend for a retreat near columbus this weekend, anyone wanna go with me????????
over and out right now from cleveland


Stephen said...

Enjoy your weekend, and think of me from time to time when your having all that fun, WHILE I'm stuck at work!!!

manxxman said...

Columbus is a great city and very very gay friendly. They have a bunch of gay bars......take the opportunity to experience them.

You only live once.....and you've only just started to live. Be good to yourself.

Brent said...

I agree I think Blake is hot, and now I feel like a dirty old man. Did it seem to you that Blake and Chris were um.... chummy?

Bigg said...

Have a great weekend, Dave. Enjoy yourself -- you certainly deserve it.