Tuesday, August 28, 2007

weekend in review

look guys, 2 posts within a couple days of each other........nothing much to report, we went out for chinese food on saturday, and while we usually eat in silence of a few polite words back and forth, was the same that evening, until, i got my fortune cookie........"the next move is up to you" thought this was rather funny and laughed out loud, she was not amused when i share with her...oh well, the are going out of town for the weekend on a little go-away, i mean get-away....hope it doesn't get canceled......
on another note, my new friend at akoni's site...see my links has started a new blog called the healthy choise....i am very excited about this as i plan to restart my healthy eating, healthy living ...i know i can never get into the shape again of a 20 or 30 something but i can get in a hell of alot better shape than i am in right now......so here are my beginning specs

weight...............209 this am

height 6-1

waist size 36-38 was 32 when all this shit happened

so wish me luck, very excited........and know that i will do it.........
peace out for now from beautiful cleveland ohio


The Persian said...

I used to post my stats daily (including a digit to indicate days sober lol) I think it really helped initially.

Word of advice?

Small low fat/calorie meals every 2-3 hours and lay low on the carbs for the first couple weeks. Not elimination, but low. Stay away from Pasta, Rice, Breads as much as possible and load up on Protein.

Of course a walk or jog daily will speed up the process.

Just some advice!

Good Luck

Wayne said...

Good luck!
Remember, one day at a time.