Monday, October 15, 2007

another monday

well folks, its yet another monday morning here in cleveland, gee, can't wait to get another week of nothing started. work, home, hide in my room, walk the dog, go back to my room,
i think i over did over the weekend , mowed the yard, trimmed,edged,did the hedge, started putting all the deck and porch furniture away for the winter, and now i can barely walk on my foot this am, feels like broken glass between my big toe and foot............will the not stop, i must call the doc today again, but he will want to see me, and very hard to get out of work.........have not had any thoughts of driving off a cliff this weekend ,its a great thought but realize it would solve nothing...........i know that she would not miss me, and that the kids would not, but must go on, i have come this far and i need to see what is around the next for all you that have left comments, i thank you, your friendship helps and only hope that someday we all get to meet face to face


Steven said...

Glad to see that you have posted and that the weekend did not include any erratic driving routes. Hang in there. As platonic as it sounds, there are people out there who are thinking of you!

manxxman said...


Do they have a "Movable Feast" in might consider volunteering....