Saturday, December 22, 2007


to all my good friends i have made in this wierd wacky world of ours
merry christmas wherever you are, whom ever you are with, hope the day brings everything you hoped for
love you guys


Lewis said...

Right back at ya....Merry Christmas!

manxxman said...


You will be in my toughts on Christmas Day. Have as good a one as you can. If it gets bad you can give me a call and cry on my shoulder if you would likek.

Much love,


Michael in Norfolk said...


I hope you find some peace and happiness on Christmas. It can definitely be a dark day when you are at the point in your journey that you find yourself currently. Believe me, it will get better. I speak from experience. Like Mark, if you should need to talk, you have my number.


Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas - got your card today...thanks....

Michael in Norfolk said...


Thanks for the phone call. Hang in there. I will give you a call tomorrow to see how you are doing. Merry Christmas.

jas said...

Happy Christmas my brother-in-arms

Akoni S. Chaput said...

MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU BROTHERMAN! Sorry I hadn't gotten that recipe to you BEFORE the holiday season...but I'll shoot it out to you soon, so you can have it for any given party.

Hope you are feeling better walking around now, my Hubbs bestfriend had gout...and I know it can be debilitating (if that's even a word).

Hugs and Love,

The Persian said...

Hope you had a decent Xmas and an amazing New Year!!

*Giant Persian Hug*