Wednesday, January 16, 2008


well i was reminded yesterday by a blogger friend michael in norfolk that i have not posted in days......lets see.......hmmmmmmmmmmm, guess nothing positive to say, head gasket problems with car, foot still hurts, 2 teeth have to come out and a partial bridge constructed, approx 3k, and no dental insurance with our wonderful benefit plan here at work, thought i left all the shit back in o7, oh well, let it fall,let it fall, i just really don't give a shit right now


Bigg said...

I miss you, Dave. I wish things were going better for you.

Anthony said...

Hey Dave,

A rough start to 08. Here's hoping it improves a whole lot.

Steven said...

Well, hey! At least you know how to redecorate your domain! And it didn't cost you a fortune. Love the new "look." Hang in there, Dave! (((((Dave)))))

eliot said...

feel better

Sooo-this-is-me said...

Some days Dave you just have to laugh and say F*** it!
Hope things turn around for you buddy.
I thought for a second I went to the wrong blog. ;)


Michael in Norfolk said...

I like the new look for the blog!

Dave, what you are experiencing seems oh so familiar to my experience in most of 2007. All I can recommend is that you try to take just one day at a time and focus on getting through that day and finding something to be happy about. When I get truly down, I remind myself that no one I love has died, I'm not terminally ill, etc. I am not trying to sound like Pollyanna, but it does get you through the shit.

Do not let others or circumstances diminish your happiness or sense of self-worth. My finances are down right horrible compared to what they once were, but I am finally able to just be me. You can find that inner contentment too.

I wish you the best and you can always call on me.


Bear Me Out said...

Bummer, sweet man. I'll love you with your bridge work, if you'll love me with mine!

Hang in. Hugs.

Bigg said...

Post again! Post again!

Christerbjorn said...

Hey, I can only imagine that things are tough. I am so in awe of your May plan. I hope it goes well, my thoughts will be with you. As per the Gout, if it is a recurrent problem, you may benefit from a medication called (In Australia) Zyloprim, otherwise known as Allopurinol. It decreases the accumulation of Purines in the Joints which are the cause of Gout.
Look after yourself mate, I love your Blog.