Tuesday, April 24, 2007


so guys with my new found courage and energy, and the fact that i turn another year older next saturday the 5th, recently realized that after competing in olympic power eating for 2 years since her discovery of my royal gayness, that i have gotten pudgy and soft,to the tune of about 40 pounds too much, have always worked out and taken reasonable care of myself, but stopped everything jan of 05 when all the shit hit the fan, but, who likes a pudgy middle aged gay man...anyways have started working out again, in hopes can shed some pounds before summer....oh and how about summer, all the guys are out with their t-shirts and shorts on again...damn i love warm weather.......:)

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Stephen said...

Summer and shirtless men...a good combination for warming the body and heating the loins. Be careful and don't get overheated!