Saturday, November 10, 2007

thank you

to those of you out there that read my blog, and those that don't but i read, i want to say thank you.....i am truly blessed by all the friends i have made on here, and yes, i am still alive and kicking.....mood seems to be lightening a little, but life still sucks......sat the other night with a bottle of jack and sleeping pills for about 2 hours contemplating, but then chickened out at the last minute, i guess i want a chance to live as me and see where it goes.......anyways i love all you guys............too bad we can't all get together and have a big bash
later friends


Derek said...

Hey Dave....I for one am glad that you did not go with that choice.So what's life with as the real you when you think about it? I am interested....maybe because I need to think about it also.


manxxman said...


OMG I'm so sorry that you feel you are at this point. Would you consider coming down to Lexington and accompanying us to Atlanta for Thanksgiving.......I'm very serious about this. You have been so blue lately.....I'm very very worried about you.


Steven said...

It sounds like you may have hit bottom this past weekend, Dave. Now there's only one way to go and that is up!

Sooo-this-is-me said...

Just take each day one at a time, if one really sucks then wait to see what the next one brings, keep doing this until one day you will find what you are looking for.


publius100 said...

I don't mean to butt in, but you need to get off the internet and into the lives of the people here who are offering help. Turns out some things in life you can't handle alone, and when those things are the same things that take a while to work through, it spells nothing but trouble, and heartache. Take up the offers. Hell, come to Atlanta.

manxxman said...


What's up with you lately......


Bear Me Out said...

Dave, I haven't had that date and that promised passionate kiss. You'd better stick around! And, listen to your friends here. You've got a good T'Day invite. Go for it.

Hang in bro.

Stephen said...

At one time or another along the way, many of us at one time or another have been in this place you find yourself and it is hard climbing the cliff back to top but you can do it. Remember one hand over the next reaching for the top and if or when it seems all your strength is gone, look up, my arm, my hand will be reaching down to help you.

Akoni S. Chaput said...

Dave, it's been a long ass while since I have been on. Had a lump in my neck and had a heck of a time finding someone competent enough to let me know if it was cancer or took a long ass break from the world.

I am back - it's not cancer...and I see you are wondering if anyone would miss you if you were gone. The answer is clearly yes. My guess is "YOU" would miss you most of all. Just a guess here...but I put money on it that you enjoy your own company when you are happy or at your happiest.

So...(a) don't let anyone get you down, if they are bitter...feel for them, don't let them ruin your chi.
(b) fill you day with positive people and can go along ass way in seeing the big picture in life and not the small (bitter) picture.

and..(c) smile. if you have to 'fake it till you make it' works and when you make it you don't have to fake it anymore!

Hugz to you and post more....only make the smile happen!