Friday, February 08, 2008

its time has come

ok boys so last night things came to a yelling, no screaming, no not like that, just tears in her eyes and said we need to i said yea its time to talk......turns out she has already seen a lawyer, we will be filing disolution, no yelling, no screaming,i keep the house, we split the credit card bills, she takes her car payment, we meet with lawyer in couple weeks, 1 lawyer, 1100.00 for formality, we split that, and thats it, we're done, over, finished, i am nervous,scared,excited, can i afford to keep house? can i afford utilities....gas bill for heating came and is 400.00......shit damn, we keep the house at 62.............may need someone to come out and check out the ol furnace.............hmmmmmmmmmmmm,
i will obviously need to step down from my duties at the church as she is employed there.....will most likely look for another..........if friends are friends there they will still be my friend if i don't go .........we see...........thats it, in a nutshell
hugs from cleveland


manxxman said...


Ok, so it's scary, but not as bad as you've been thinking it would be for the past year. There are lots of churchs and lots of choirs. Find one that meets both of you needs.....I know that mine is one of my firm foundations.

Now you can start to move forward. Lord knows you need to.


Creative Thinker said...

WOW - -thats huge. I'm glad to see that there is finally going to be resolution. Again ... WOW!

BIG HUG -- Shel

Steven said...

And hugs back to you from Chicagoland! This is going to be a trying time for you, filled with moments of sadness, failure, and despair. But you have made the first step toward self-reconciliation and I hope everything looks toward the positive light from here. Hugs for you! (((((Dave)))))

Sooo-this-is-me said...

Yeah Dave not sure what to say, well this is one step closer to you living a gay life. Good luck buddy and a big hug back at you!


Lewis said...

Not only has the time come, it's long overdue. It's time. Embrace it. Face it. I can't tell you how your future will be, but I have a very good feeling. And, I have to say, you'll lose some friends along the way. But you'll gain many many more....the ones who'll be there in good and bad times.

Michael in Norfolk said...


I am proud and happy for you. Yes, it is VERY scary. But, it is something that can be worked through. I sincerely hope that things remain non-hostile. Now you can finally begin to become your real self.

As for the costs of the house, maybe you will want to consider getting a roommate or two depending on how the house is laid out. Roommates are always a risk in terms of getting the right one(s), but my current roommates have been great, are a significant help with expenses, and it can be nice not to be totally alone at times.

Love you!


DoninToronto said...


this is the start of a new life...

how lucky you are..

don in toronto

Bear Me Out said...

Wow. A big step. It is scary and will be for a while. You are in my prayers.

Go with it. But go gently. Be easy on yourself. There is stuff to celebrate and stuff to mourn. It will be more up and down than you think. Go with it. It will get better.

Hugs, kisses, cheers, and (above all) shalom

Chris said...

Sorry for not commenting in a while, course you haven't been writing, hanging in there, you'll live to fight another day.

Anonymous said...

sorry I did not see this sooner I have been sick with the flu and not on the computer....anyway....I feel for you...I know its hard...just take a deep breath and take the steps you are heading towards now....thinking of you..

Anthony said...


It is a terrifying, yet exciting time. Take courage. Things generally do get better.

Speaking as one who has come out of it on the otherside, I believe you have a lot to look forward to.

You are much in my thoughts.

Jen said...

I found you via Anthony's blog. I haven't been in your shoes but have witnessed some of what you are going through and I think things are going to start getting a whole lot better for you. Love your blog perspective. Take care. J

Akoni S. Chaput said...

I am very happy for you Dave and nervous for you at the same time. I believe you will do fine, as you both act like adults.

Just go with the flow and keep in mind you will always land on your feet!!! It just happens like "IS" great!

Sorry I've been MIA, but it looks like I'm not the only one here that has